About us

ProsperityWorld is named by the vision it represents, a truly prosperous world for everyone, based on the talent and ability every human has to benefit the world by working towards their goals and grow into their full potential.

My name is Alfredo Sanchez, and I am a social entrepreneur.

Having experienced for years impediments and difficulties that prevented me form prospering, I understand how difficult it can be when you are looking for answers and you simply can’t find them.

Today I can affirm with certainty that no obstacle or challenge we may find in our lives is insurmountable.



For this reason I founded Prosperity World Ltd in 2007 successfully running “The 8 Laws of Success” programme, with excellent results 2010 recepient SE London Business Award.



Prosperityworld.store has been created, to make it possible from anywhere in the world access the tools needed anyone can apply to succeed.

Many believe, life is a gamble or that if you are lucky, you may win or get what you want, but this idia is responsible for innumerable failures.

There are laws that govern our results, and once these laws are understood and applied, prosperity and success follows physically, emotionally, relationally, financially and in every area. 

What is it that you really want? this is something you must ask yourself and honestly answer. Because there is nothing you can’t accomplish. 

All you need to know is what it is, and the necessary steps to take for you to make it happen.

This is the service Prosperity World provides, direct access to the tools needed anyone can apply to succeed.

All the products in the store are designed to assist you prosper, filled with extra bonuses and tips you will find of great value to use.