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When I first read theses books, I realised the potential of the human mind, allowing me to use it, to live the life I desired. It was of great help, and I thought, if more people could have access to the powerful information contained in these pages, we could all do greater things together.

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About - Prosperity: How To Attract it By Orison Swett Marden

We are the creatures of our convictions. We cannot get beyond what we believe we are; what we believe we have. Hence, if we think that we are never going to be strong or well like other people, or to be successful in our calling, we never will be. If we are convinced that we will always be poor, we will be. You can't get away from poverty when you don't expect to; when you don't believe that you are going to.

One of the greatest ever written books on the subject of success and prosperity. In Prosperity: How to Attract It, Orison Swett Marden clearly establishes and explains with his charismatic writing style, and examples, the principles of true prosperity, and the internal human conditions that ultimately reflects personal and financial prosperity.

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